Slotomania Casino LogoDo you love the thrill of playing slot games? The cartoon graphics, the bright neon lights, the jingle-jangle of coins going down the chute, the sounds of jackpots going off and fellow players squealing at the delight of winning? However exciting and delightful all of this may be, sometimes as players we just don’t have the time, the funds, or the energy to drag ourselves to the casino or slot hall. What can be done in this cases? Simple. From the comfort of your own couch (or bed) you can download the great Slotomania app, which is equipped with one of the widest selection of slot games in the world. Even better, by playing these slots, players can unlock new levels, new bonus rounds, new features, and even entirely new slot games.

Players will never run out of new things to play, as with the previously mentioned ability to open up new features, Slotomania launches a new game every 2 weeks. This is unparalleled, especially in the slot game niche.

Players from the USA are allowed to enter the casino

The best thing about Slotomania is players don’t even need funds to start enjoying themselves. Simply download the application on iPhone, iPad, Android mobile device or  PC, sign-in, and start playing all the games. Players from the USA, Canada, Israel or Australia can join Slotomania casino as well.

Casino at Facebook

Casino at Facebook

Slotomania’s Loyalty Program

With Slotomania’s new Loyalty Program, players are rewarded just for playing. As player status increases, they will be given access to special VIP games, access to special coin packs which will add to their balance, and get overall discounts when purchasing additional coin packs. Leveling up is just half the fun, as there are seven exclusive levels for players to achieve. These are:

  1. Bronze
  2. Silver
  3. Gold
  4. Platinum
  5. Diamond
  6. Royal Diamond
  7. Black Diamond

All of these VIP levels have perks associated with them, and the higher you go, the more valuable these become. Just as an example, at the highest level (Black Diamond) players will receive over 2 million daily coins for free. There is no reason for players who love slots not to be playing on Slotomania, so get right to it.


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