promo-games-logoPromo Games is a market leader in sweepstakes software with more than 10 years of experience worldwide – Sweepscoach system, but mostly active in the southeastern USA – Florida, North Carolina and Ohio. Besides single line, multispin and multilines slots, the platform of Promo Games offers also videopokers, table games and special games. Players can also enjoy a variety of jackpots and promotional credits.

Their portfolio counts over 40 engaging games released on a regular, quarterly basis. Promo Games calls their sweepstakes system: Sweepscoach Download or Login Game System.

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Download or Instant Play

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The Snowman Multispin slot

A very interesting slot proposition. The Snowman slot feels a little like a video poker game, since you can actually choose to “hold” your symbols.

This slot has a 3x3 grid. When a player initiates his first spin, the bottom row will fill with 3 random symbols. The game will pause and let the player “hold” any or all 3 of the symbols, and then spin again. In the second part of his spin, the remaining 6 tiles will fill up with symbols and reward the player accordingly.

The game symbols include the typical Snowman, ear muffs, snow caps, scarves, mistletoe, candles and bells.

Knights of Karuot

Probably based on the tale of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, the Knights of Karuot slot is another slot game by Promo Games, with a 3x3 grid that will fill up with all kinds of medieval symbols, such as swords, helmets, maces, and several others. The maximum multiplier of the game is of course reserved for the King’s Crown, which will pay players 1000x their original wager.

Golden Buddha

Looking for inner peace? You may have found it with Promo Games’ Golden Buddha slot game.

Featuring the titular Buddha drawn in a cartoony style, players will feel compelled to “let the wins come to them”.

Players will access the Golden Buddha bonus when they receive 3 golden buddhas, and receiving three 4 leaf clovers will pay one thousand times the credits bet!

For some reason, the prevalent symbols in this game are jewels, and apples.

Seven Party

The Seven Party slot game from Promo Games really does feel like a party. When starting the game, several 7’s come out to greet the player and welcome him to the game.

As with other Promo Games’ games, Seven party allows the players to spin the reels once, and after that can choose to “hold” whatever reels they choose, after which they will have to spin again in hopes of making a winning combination. The difference between Seven Party is that instead of only a 3x3 grid, it has 5 reels, and players can choose to play with 5 or 10 paylines, effectively doubling their bankroll if they choose to do so.

El Sombrero

Cactuses, Chili Peppers, Hot Sun and the Sombrero will make a good time in this slot game from Promo Games.

Some of the symbols for this quirky game include avocado & chips, red cactus, yellow cactus, red peppers, Green peppers, and of course the titular sombrero.

Players can use the “hold” function after the first spin in the game to keep their good symbols on the reel, after which they will spin again to fill up the whole 3x5 grid and make a winning combination.

Wild West Story

Clint Eastwood himself would be proud of Promo Games’ Wild West Story, a slot game that evokes saloons, cowboys, bandits, and pretty girls.

The graphics and animations of this game are really fantastic, with several short animations that will have players rolling on the floor.

The game is more of a typical slot in that it has 5 reels, 10 paylines and no “hold” function. This should not be a deterrent however since the game is really good.

The Wizard

Take a trip back to ancient times when wizards and magic abounded. This slot game is full of esoteric symbols, such as a pentagram book, an old wise wizard, the dragon’s eye, and your usual deck symbols.

Of course the Wizard acts as the Wild symbol, and the player will be rewarded with 30.000 credits if he gets 5 on a payline.

The game also has a “gamble” feature where players can double up their win by choosing a blue or red stone correctly.

Besides that, its pretty much your standard slot with 5 reels and 20 paylines.

King Arthur

Another medieval slot 5willing from Promo Games’ portfolio.

King Arthur has all the symbols you would expect, such as golden & silver goblets, shields, and war banners.

The game is equipped with a “hold” feature where players can “freeze” certain reels.

The highest paying symbol is the “Wild”, which pays 1000x the bet.

Golden Bar

Golden Bar evokes the classic vegas slots, where lucky 7’s and fruit symbols were all the rage.

Having only 3 paylines, it may feel a bit lacking in features to players, since there is no bonus game and just one wild symbol.

This game also has the ability for players to “hold” the first row of symbols, giving them a chance for favorable combinations in the long run.

Magic Chef

It’s time to put your Chef hat on and step in to the kitchen with Promo Games’ slot game Magic Chef.

An assortment of kitchen related symbols are present in the game, including Swiss cheese, pizza slices, French fries, scrambled eggs and assorted cutlery.

The highest paying symbol is of course the Chef’s hat which is also wild and replaces all other symbols in the game.

For a “chef” themed game however, there seems to be plenty of junk food.

Play Slot Game Casino

Play Slot Game Casino

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The Old Farm

The Old Farm sure feels old. This game from Promo Games has 4 reels along with just 1 payline. The game does have the “hold” feature which is great for bored players.

The symbols ae what you would expect from a farm game, such as cows, sheep, chickens, and foxes.

Access to the bonus game is granted when a player gets 4 chickens in a row.

The Green Dragon

Another one payline game from Promo Games’ sweepstakes software.

This one is clearly influenced by Asian culture, with the four elements being represented along with ying-yangs, the dragon symbol, and luck symbol. The bonus game can be entered when for “bonus dragon symbols” in a row appear on the payline.

Mystery Island

Players travel to the Mystery Island in search of Kikidoki’s Treasure.

This 5 reel slot game from Promo Games looks and feels highly polished. There are all kinds of symbols, from your basic deck symbols all the way to a cat in a helmet, which makes them very varied.

Certain symbols can combine with each other to award more and more free spins to lucky players. There are also 2 bonus games.

Tutankhamon’s Gold

This ancient Egypt themed slot game from Promo Games’ has five reels along with 5 paylines to go with it.

It has the appropriate symbols, such as the Pharaoh’s tomb, the golden scarab (which is the scatter) and getting 2 pyramids on the first and last reel will activate the “treasure room” bonus game.

Diamond’s Cave 2

Get ready to dig for some shiny jewels in Diamond’s Cave 2. With a really polished look, this game manages to stand out from the crows with its impressive visuals and clean symbols.

The theme of the game is jewel miners, and its fitting that the highest paying symbol of the game is the diamond, which pays 2000 if 5 are obtained on a payline.

Another nice detail of the game is that all freespins have a multiplier of 6x.

Sahara’s Pearl

Sandy simbols and genies make this a fun slot from Promo Games. The usual deck symbols are animated in a “sandy” way, which makes them look funny, but nice.

Some symbols for this game are the genie, jasmine the princess, the sword which is wild, and the genie’s lamp which activates the bonus round.

Sahara’s Pearl is a 5 reeled, 5 payline slot.

Paradise Club Pro

Head out to the club, and be sure to pick a character you like. This sexy club is full of crazy symbols and neon lights, along with a quadruple gamble feature, which can really up your win total quickly.

Paradise Club Pro has 5 reels and 20 paylines to satisfy even the most demanding players. Symbols are champagne bottles, decks of cards, and the pretty character you chose when entering the game.

Soccer Champ

20 paylines and 5 reels make Soccer Champ the slot game to play if you enjoy this sport. Filled with kooky and colorful symbols along with a “crowd” soundtrack, this game will delight fans.

There is even a gamble feature where the player must save a penalty in order to double or quadruple their win total. This game is a real winner.

Maya Adventure

Traveling to the jungle in search of hidden treasure is what adventurers do, and players can get in on the action with the Maya Adventure slot game from Promo Games.

Symbols for the game include the explorer, his female companion, a compass, and the usual deck ones.

Video Poker Games

Video Poker Games

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Video Pokers

Promo Games has several video pokers, some which are a bit more interesting than others.

Strip Poker: The player can choose either a man or a woman, and he/she will be stripping bit by bit as the player advances. This is a bit racier than your standard game. All standard rules apply

VP Poseidon: This underwater version of video poker from Promo Games takes you to Poseidon’s kingdom in the sea.

Classic Video poker: The game that started a revolution. This is as basic as you can get. 5 cards are dealt, you can hold as many as you want, and in the draw you have to have at least a pair of Jack’s or better to qualify for a win.

Magic 2000: A classic Video Poker where player can choose a “magic” number. Besides that, all standard rules apply.

Join the Irish: This is an Irish-themed version of video poker, where everything is covered in green and clovers.

The Zodiac Heaven: If you are into the Zodiac and all the signs, then this is a game for you, very new age.

Login or Download Roulette

Login or Download Roulette

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Roulette 2d Pro

The classic game represented in a top-down view. All Your standard bets are accepted, and the animations are great for this roulette.

Roulette 3d

Same as previous game, just with better graphics and a three-dimensional view of the playing field.

Download Keno Game

Download Keno

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Bella Italia Keno: In this variation of keno by Promo Games, the player enters an Italian Ice Cream Parlour and proceeds to pick his numbers, after which the attendant will throw the ice cream balls so they randomly fall into the numbers.

Keno: The classic game, choose from a grid of numbers, and then numbers are drawn. The more numbers selected correctly increases the payout

Shoot the Duck: Here the player will choose from several “ducks”. When the round starts, the animated character will shoot random ducks and hopefully the selected ones.