casino-player-bankrollGood players know what the word bankroll means. Based on the Collins Dictionary, bankrolls are the financial resources of a person or organization. But in order to make a deeper analysis we have to first understand a little theory.

Cashin and Cashout is the total amount deposited and withdrawn from/to the casino by players, while Cashbet is the total amount of stakes and cashwon is the total of all winnings. Keep in mind, not all winnings are used for withdrawals but used as further bets. In our examples we will use the average bet $0.50 per spin and the math theory of the slot games will be 90%

Our Test person Adam is going to play with $100 and his average bet is $0.50. It is important to mention that the bankroll doesn’t mean the amount of the first deposit but the whole amount the person is willing to spend in the casino games. Adam deposits $20. According to the statistics he will lose this money in about 400 games, with his bet of $0.50 his average win per spin would be $0.45. 400 games last for about 20 minutes. Adam can play up to 100 minutes or 2000 games with the money he has in the wallet if a regular game takes about 3 seconds.
The tricky part is the “jackpot” or when the really big wins come. As a big win is considered a winning game with a multiplier of 1000x or more. In our example the win will be the total win of $500, which is just about 5x of the original bankroll. This type of win appears once every 5000 games so if Adam wants to hit the big win, he must either increase his bankroll to $250 or decrease the average bet. In order to play 5000 games his bet must be $0.2 and hope he can receive the win statistically. But the big win in this case is $0.2 * 1000x = $200 and so he doubles his money.

Obviously, this is theory. A big win doesn’t appear every 5.000 games. But it could take up to 50.000 or it could be much less, there could also be two big wins next to each other. A very common mistake of many players as well as casino semi-experts is the setting of the mathematic on slot machines with different denominations. Many people believe, the odds are better on machines with denominations of five dollars or dollar slots, while quarter or nickel slots have worst odds and you should not play penny slots at all. Math and odds have nothing to do with denominations.

The bottom line of this article is that a good player understands the bankroll and plays according to it, not just increasing his chances of wins but increasing his playtime, fun and adrenalin. Maybe it sounds weird but this is exactly what the casino wants as well. The casino celebrates every big win, every stroke of good luck the player has as loudly as possible to show everyone how big the player can win and how happy he is while receiving the money.


We are just adding: GOOD LUCK


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