With the increasing penetration of the internet in Asian countries, comes also an increase in the importance of traditional Asian casino games in online casinos. The most popular card game in China is Baccarat. The average bet is usually higher than the regular average bet in online casinos, and Asian players usually play more aggressively, which means the casino can win (but also lose) more. Baccarat is a game based on pure luck and belongs to the family of “comparing” card games. There are 3 possible outcomes: The higher score is held by a player or banker, or the game will finish as a Tie – when the banker and player have the same score. A standard 52 deck of cards is used (without jokers). Cards 2-9 have the score of 2-9, while the 10s, Jacks, Queens, Kings have a score of 0 and Aces are equal to 1. Baccarat starts with a wagering round, where players bet their chips either on the banker, player or tie spots. Both the player and banker then receive 2 cards, face up. If the score of the 2 cards is 8 or 9, it’s called a Natural and the game ends with a win for the one who has the Natural or with a tie if both of them have a Natural.

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Rules of Baccarat – 3rd card rule

If the player’s score is less than 5, he will get a 3rd card and the score is then evaluated. If the player doesn’t take the 3rd card, it will apply the same rule for banker’s hand – he will take a 3rd card if the score is 5 or less and stand if he has 6 or 7. However, if a player has 3 cards, a more complex set of rules will apply for the casino version of baccarat:

  • Banker draws 3rd card if his score is 2
  • Banker draws 3rd card if his score is 3 and player’s 3rdcard was not 8
  • Banker draws 3rd card, if his score is 4 and player’s 3rd card was 2,3,4,5,6 or 7
  • Banker draws 3rd card, if his score is 5 and player’s 3rd card was 4,5,6 or 7
  • Banker draws 3rd card, if his score is 6 and player’s 3rd card was 6 or 7
  • If banker’s score is 7, he stands

Baccarat Odds and Baccarat Payout

The casino pays 1:2 for winning wagers on banker or player and takes 5% commission from the banker’s wagers. Ties pay at 1:9. The house edge is 1.06%.

Social aspect and game of luck

What makes baccarat so unique is the belief in luck for a particular player (for a limited amount of time). It is allowed to wager side bets, next to the playing player. This means, if the player is lucky and wins a few games in a row, more and more people will bet “with him”, next to his bets. Casinos usually accept these bets. If the “main player” bets on the banker, all side players will also bet on the banker.

Play Baccarat MP

A completely new phenomena is the online multiplayer baccarat tables or semi-multiplayer baccarat (Baccarat MP), when more players can play the same game. This feature, along with the increasing amounts of Chinese players in the online casino world are really pushing the baccarat game in the game performance reports to the top positions. Play baccarat, the king of Asian card games.

Baccarat How To Play

Baccarat for iPhone (iOS). Baccarat for iPad. Free Baccarat app at AppStore.


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