Founded in 1996, Kajot is one of the most successful and recognizable brands in the gaming arena. Originating in the Czech Republic, they developed their own proprietary software and began manufacturing their own video lottery terminals. While at first catering mostly to the European market, it has grown over the years to be a very recognizable brand in gaming establishments. Here we will take a look at some of their best games: Simply Gold II, Submarine, Moko Mania, Joker 81, Karaoke King, Joker 27, Kajot Lines.

Simply Gold II

This beautiful game from Kajot gaming has 5 reels along with 5 paylines. It is a real throwback game, very similar to the classic slots. Featuring typical slot fruit symbols, such as the lemon, cherry, grapes, oranges and the usual lucky 7, people will feel as if they are really in Las Vegas. The star symbol is the very lucky scatter as well.

One of the most special things about Simply Gold 2, is that if a player receives 15 of the same symbols it will automatically double his win, making for a huge payout.

GIF Kajot - Simply gold II

Kajot – Simply gold II (Video 6MB)


Step into your very own underwater ship and commence your journey towards big payouts! This naval themed game from Kajot games features 5 reels to go with 9 paylines, creating big opportunities for big wins that players won’t want to miss.

The game features a mix of your usual slot symbols and underwater ones, such as a diver’s helmet, an anchor, a ship captain, and of course, the submarine. The highest paying symbol is the ship captain, so players will want to keep an eye out for him. The yellow submarine is the scatter in this game, while the red submarine acts as a wild, and substitutes for all symbols.

The great thing about this game is that for every 3 yellow submarines on a spin, the player will receive 10 free spins, for 4 yellow subs he will receive 15 free spins, and for 5 yellow subs a player gets 20 free spins. Just to push it over the top, a 3x multiplier is added to every single free spin the player wins, which creates awesome opportunities to win very big indeed.

GIF Kajot - Submarine - Bonus

Kajot – Submarine – Bonus (Video 9MB)

Moko Mania

Moko Mania from Kajot gaming has a very different design than the average player is used to seeing in a slot game. While it is a typical 5 reel, 7 payline slot, the game seems to be a shout out to the old time sailor tattoos of yesteryear. Featuring symbols such as a pinup blonde, a flaming heart, flaming sevens, and lucky birds, any tattoo fan will instantly want to give this great game a look.

Highest paying symbol for the game is the purple lotus, which will make the player walk away 50.000 times richer if he gets 5 of those, and the fact they also act as the wild makes it a lot better for anyone lucky enough to be playing this game.

The flaming heart is a special symbol, and will activate the “Gamble Fever Feature” which will reward the active player with free spins.

All in all, Moko Mania is a great game with a theme that is very rarely seen.

GIF Kajot - Moko mania - slot

Kajot – Moko mania – slot (Video 10MB)
GIF Kajot - Moko mania - Bonus

Kajot – Moko mania – Bonus (Video 6MB)

Joker 81

Get ready for plenty of wins with Joker 81. This 4 reel game is loaded with 81, yes 81 paylines. No one will have an excuse not to play this great slot game.

While this slot game has a classic look to it, and your symbols are the classic fruit such as a watermelon, grape, orange, cherries, lemon, along with the lucky seven, the star and the bar symbol, which will pay a player 6000 his stake.

This is a pretty basic slot game with not much in the sense of animations, effects, or bonus games. But for the serious gambler, this slots 81 paylines should be more than enough to satisfy even the most demanding of players. Give this great game from Kajot a chance, and you definitely will not be disappointed.

GIF Kajot - Joker 81 slot

Kajot – Joker 81 slot (Video 3MB)

Karaoke King

Karaoke King is a curious game. While one would understand its karaoke theme to be a little crazy, for some reason, developers also decided to stick farm animals as part of the theme, which is a decision that is a bit hard to understand.

The game features a simple 4-reel, 7 payline combination, which is pretty standard for all Kajot slots in this day and age.

There are only 2 musical-related instruments here, with the rest of the symbols being animals such as a chicken, a suited pig, a donkey, and even a cheetah. Just for good measure, there is also a fast food meal thrown in as well. The highest paying symbol is the guitar, which also happens to be the wild symbol.

GIF Kajot - Karaoke King

Kajot – Karaoke King (Video 4MB)
GIF Kajot - Karaoke King - win

Kajot – Karaoke King – win (Video 10MB)

Kajot Slots - Play Joker 27 & more

Kajot Slots - Play Joker 27 on iPhone or Android

Joker 27

Featuring 3 reels and 27 paylines, Joker 27 from Kajot games is as basic a slot as you can get. This doesn’t mean it is bad at all, it just has that classic feel and look. It comes loaded up with 10 free spins, and of course, the Joker is Wild.

The game also features a “double your winnings” if you receive 9 identical symbols. Not only that, but if a player is awarded three cherries or stars in the middle payline, a “Bonus Game Ledger” is banked. So now, for every spin lost, a free spin is played.

As is typical with plenty of games nowadays, Joker 27 is equipped with the “gamble” feature, where the player can choose to double his winnings right after a winning spin by simply selecting whether a black or red card will be drawn by the dealer, if he is right, he will double his money on the spot, if he is wrong he will lose all his winnings.

GIF Kajot - Joker 27 - Cherry bonus and gamble

Kajot – Joker 27 – Cherry bonus and gamble (Video 2MB)
GIF Kajot - Joker 27 - Cluster win

Kajot – Joker 27 – Cluster win (Video 3MB)

Kajot Lines

Kajot lines is a 3 reel, 5 payline slot game from the aforementioned titular company, Kajot Games.

This game is riddled with your typical slot symbols, such as lemons, cherries, watermelons, bells, and the special flaming kajot symbol.

The highest paying symbol in this game is the lucky 7’s, which if players are lucky to receive they will get a nice 3000 coin prize.

Kajot lines is a truly simple slot game that anyone, including people who have never played slots before will be able to understand and enjoy. Coupled with its first-class visuals and sounds, this really is a slot game that even the most amateur of players should try out.

GIF Kajot - Kajot lines -slot

Kajot – Kajot lines – slot (Video 6MB)
GIF Kajot - Kajot lines - slot gamble

Kajot – Kajot lines – slot gamble (Video 5MB)

You can try to play Kajot slots for free online

You can try to play Kajot slots for free online


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