Endorphina is a software development company focusing mainly on casino style games based out of the Czech Republic. They have a unique approach to the design and mathematics of their games, which make for some pretty unique scenarios for players. They also focus plenty of their efforts on market research to give them a better idea of the themes that should be developed in order to please the majority of the market, and thus give them better exposure. And as their name implies, the one of the functions of endorphins are to produce a feeling of euphoria in people, which the games from Endorphina definitely do. Players favorite’s games are Satoshi’s Secret, The Ninja, Jetsetter, Fairy Tale, Geisha, Safari, Blast! Boom! Bang!, Chimney Sweep, Stone Age and Pachamama.

Satoshi’s Secret

You have to give big props to Endorphina games for taking a risk and really going all in with such a unique theme for a slot game – Satoshi’s Secret. Making a reference to “Satoshi Nakamoto”, the alias used by whoever is responsible for creating the virtual currency known as “bitcoin”, this game is a perfect example of a modern themed game.

Equipped with 6 reels and 20 paylines, the game has a real hacker meets matrix kind of deal going on for it, which should attract people in the younger crowd. The sounds within the game also have a strong hacker vibe which really adds to the experience.

The symbols in the slot game Satoshi’s Secret are some crypto symbols and they letters Q,W,E,R,T, and Y, the hacker symbol, wild, and bonus game.

When a player gets 4 of the bonus bitcoin symbols on reels 2 to 5, the Trading Bonus game will commence. The player is awarded 30 times his total bet, which can be collected or used for trading during the game. Here, the player basically chooses from a 3x3 grid that simulates forex trading and can win higher prizes, but if the player wishes to exit, he can take his initial prize with no further risk.

Another bonus for the game is the QWERTY bonus, which is triggered when said symbols align as so on the reels from 1 to 6. Here there is another bonus game, where players will have to “hack” an account in order to win prizes.

On top of these 2 very well thought out bonus games, there is also the well-known gamble feature, where players can double down for a chance to win even more.

Overall, Satoshi’s Secret with its two awesome bonus games is really fun to play, even though the more modern theme may scare off more veteran players, they really don’t know what they are missing.

The Ninja

Being released at about the same time as Satoshi’s Secret, Endorphina games seems to be on a roll. With The Ninja, Endorphina seems to be doing a callback to the Chinese movies of the 80’s and 90’s, when ninjas seemed to be at the peak of their popularity. The game is also styled as so, with the art seeming a little rugged, although the backgrounds of clouds rolling among the tall pagodas look beautiful.

It features 5 reels and 20 paylines, and has 8 symbols, four types of ninjas, and 4 types of weapons. 3 or more black ninjas will trigger the free games feature, and also serves to accumulate wilds. If the player has accumulated wilds, these will come into play within the free games feature.

Aside from the free games feature, The Ninja is also equipped with the gamble game, which by now has come to be very well known among players.


Doesn’t the lifestyle of a millionaire have an allure that nobody can deny? Fancy cars, exotic locales, private jets, luxury yachts and beautiful women are some of the things people dream of all the time, and with the game Jetsetter, Endorphina games is trying to at least emulate the feeling for the people not fortunate enough to be living the high life.

The game has 5 reels and 20 paylines, and its theme is reminiscent of a European casino. Some of its symbols are the aforementioned cars, yachts, planes and women, along with a nifty feature that sometimes shows banknotes in half, and when they stop side by side, the banknote value is paid as a multiplier of the total wager. There is a wild symbol, and the scantily clad woman is the scatter, which when 3 appear will trigger 20 free spins. During these free spins, the banknote special symbol also counts, although the free games cannot be re-triggered again, it is still a great game


Endorphina – Jetsetter – Scatter win
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Fairy tale

Endorphina seems to be attempting to cater to a wider audience as of late, and with the game “Fairy Tale”, they seem to be extending a hand to the female crowd. As its name suggests, this is a game inspired by fairy tales, and in this particular case it seems to be a heavenly fairy tale of elves among the clouds and forests.

The game has 5 reels and 20 paylines, and has really relaxing music, which may lull players into relaxation, not usual in a slot game, but in this case not entirely bad either. The symbols in the game feature 3 beautiful fairies, the A, K symbols, a diamond which is the wild and the scatter, and some enchanted flowers.

If the player receives 3 diamonds, the free games are activated which is called “set the doves free”. Here, the player will receive multipliers based on the number of cages that are currently open, with the wins being higher as more cages open. Unfortunately the free spins cannot be retriggered from within the game.

Video slots from Endorphina

Satoshi’s Secret, The Ninja, Jetsetter, Fairy Tale, Geisha, Safari, Blast! Boom! Bang!, Chimney Sweep, Stone Age and Pachamama


Based on the popular character of a Geisha, this game from Endorphina has 5 reels and 25 paylines. The theme is heavy on Japanese imagery and sounds, and really make for a beautiful look and feel for this game. Some symbols for this game are the fan, lantern, kettle, thongs, among others. The Scatters are represented by the Japanese Garden, and 3 of these anywhere on the reels will award the player with free spins. The wild symbol, which will replace any other symbol except for the scatter is represented by the orange Koi fish, which is a very prevalent symbol in Japanese culture. If a player has gotten 3 or more scatters, he will be awarded 10 free spins. The good thing for players is these free spins are re-triggered and also come with the optional “gamble” feature.


Take a safari through the African savannah without leaving the casino! The Safari slot game from Endorphina will transport players to the beautiful Africa with its sharp visuals and sounds. Featuring 5 reels along with 50 paylines, the symbols for this game vary, with the buffalo, lion, zebra, rhinoceros, and elephant being visible. The scatter symbol is represented by a Map of Africa, and if a player receives 3 of these symbols anywhere on the reels, 10 free spins are triggered, and each free spin used will add an extra wild symbol to the reels. The wild symbols is represented by an envelope, and will replace any other symbol except for the Map, which is a scatter. This slot comes with the now known “gamble” feature, and as a bonus, if a player receives 5 lions on a payline, he will be awarded 1000 coins.

Blast! Boom! Bang!

Designed for people who love comic books in general, this colorful slot game from Endorphina games is sure to please the most demanding of players. Featuring 5 reels and 50 paylines, the look and feel of this game really makes it so that the player feels he is looking at a comic book page. Some symbols for the game are the usual deck symbols, (10-A) along with some superheroes melded in. The BOMB symbol is fittingly the wild in this game, and the scatter is represented by two superheroes, so players have a little incentive to keep going to this game. When 3 or more scatters are displayed on the reels, players are granted 10 free spins in order to keep their journey to battle evil alive, and any wild symbols that appear during these free spins will be locked for the duration of the free spins.

Chimney Sweep

Playing up the nostalgia, Endorphina games’ Chimney Sweep slot game does just that. Inspired by chimney sweepers, this game is actually the total opposite of what you would expect, such as dirty and sooty. Instead the players are presented with a very colorful and entertaining game. Chimney sweep has 5 reels and only 10 paylines. Its symbols include a pig, horseshoe, birds, and your standard “deck” symbols. The wild symbol is being represented here by a blond chimney sweeper girl, and will substitute for all other symbols except the scatter. As a bonus, any wins generated by a scatter will DOUBLE in values. If the player lands 5 wild symbols he will receive 9000 coins. The scatter symbol is represented by the fireplace, with 5 scatters awarding a nice 5000 coins. Receiving 3 or more of these scatter symbols will also award 15 free spins, and each win will be multiplied by 3. Free spins in this game can be re-triggered, giving players an extra incentive to keep playing this wonderful game.

Stone Age

Players can get ready to return to ancient times in this game from Endorphina. Taking place in the times of cavemen, this game will appeal to the most primal instincts of people. The symbols in this game are mostly representative of the Stone Age, and include the famous Wooly Mammoth, caveman, cavewoman, some tools, and ancient drawings. The scatter symbol is represented by the wheel, and will replace all symbols on the reels. The game is filled with high quality graphics and sounds, and is sure to please even the most demanding of players. Although it is a low variance slot game, some players keep coming back due to just the theme of the game itself.


Pachamama, who generally known as an indigenous goddess of fertility, plentitude and fortune is the star of this game featuring a jungle/aboriginal theme. Pachahama slot game has 5 reels along with 25 paylines to go with it, and as stated before, features a strong lost city/Indiana Jones vibe. The symbols in this game look like they have been carved into the rocks, and feature representations of turtles, llamas, snakes, shells, monkeys, and other creatures. The most important symbol is the Gold Icon, which in this game is the “wild”. The scatter symbol here is represented twice, by the Round Red Idol and the Purple Idol symbol. If three Purple Idols appear on reels 3, 4, and 5 players will be awarded with the Chakana bonus, which involves them climbing a “pyramid” which in turn contains higher and higher bonus payouts. If the player succeeds in reaching the top of this pyramid, the Gold Chakana bonus will be activated, where players will choose one stone from many, but be sure to avoid the dark snake which will end the bonus round. During this game, a player could multiply their current stake up to 357 times, which is plenty enough incentive to keep bringing back players for more.

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Satoshi’s Secret, The Ninja, Jetsetter, Fairy Tale, Geisha, Safari, Blast! Boom! Bang!, Chimney Sweep, Stone Age and Pachamama


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