BigFish Casino LogoOnline casinos seem to be all the rage right now. With countless offers of where to play, and welcome bonuses just for signing up going through the roof, it can be overwhelming for players to choose where to put their money and trust. Smart players should also do their research, avoid the fraudulent casinos, if they like to play on their mobile devices such as an android phone, apple iPhone, iPad, Blackberries, or whatever type of gadget, to make sure the casino they are signing on to can be used in those devices as well.

Big Fish Casino

Enter the Online Social Casino. A social casino is just like any other regular online casino, with your typical casino games such as Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette, Slots, and others. Except in the social casino, there is usually a chat feature that lets you really interact with other players playing your same game, or in some cases even with players playing other games, but still within the same casino. A great example of this is the Big Fish Casino.

Free casino for iPhone and Android

In the online Big Fish Casino, which is available also on android mobile devices as well as apple’s iPhone and other devices, players can sign up instantly at no cost, and are given free credits which they use to play their favorite games, such as the aforementioned Blackjack. And as we previously mentioned, since the games are compatible on all types of Android devices and iPhones and iPads, people can choose when to play on a whim, even while standing in line at the bank, or waiting for their daily commute on the bus to work. The possibilities to play whenever and wherever a player chooses is only limited by the imagination (and internet coverage on occasion).

Casino For Free

Casino For Free

Play for free – no deposit needed

The great thing is the players don’t spend a cent for their initial credits, so they still get the thrill of playing in a casino and talking to other players with similar interests in gambling. There is even a custom form of Texas Hold’Em which is immensely popular, called Word Ace. It seems to be a mix of the popular table game “scrabble” and your typical Hold’em. Except in this game, the cards are assigned letters instead of numbers. Just as in poker, players each receive two random “hole” cards, place their blinds, and from then on it is just like a round of Hold’em, with the ability to check, fold, raise, and 5 community cards being placed on the table. The object of the game is to spell the highest scoring word, thus winning the entirety of the pot. This game is a really good example of the “social” in social casino, since players will often chat about the last round or the current one, which makes for a really great experience for all involved.


What happens when you run out of the free credits provided by the casino? With a press of a button, they can simply purchase more credits through their mobile device, without even needing to leave the game, simply through their apple wallet or google wallet, which really ties into the experience for serious players, since there is no lengthy process to get the funds in. Many online social casinos also offer a daily re-up of credits for free, or some kind of game that will award players with some credits.

Also for players from USA

One of the main advantages of the online social casino, is the fact that since it is not being played for real money, just for fun, its legality remains unquestioned. Even in countries with very strict laws regarding gambling, such as the United States, nobody can touch the social casino, since it is basically an online “computer” game, just like the ones thousands or even millions play every day on their Facebook pages. If you really like gambling, but haven’t ever tried it because lack of funds or because of very tight laws in your area, the social casino may be the experience you have been waiting for. Give it a shot – Players from USA are also warm welcomed and accepted in Big Fish Casino. Feel free to play for free.

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